Welcome to the Future Skills Academy

Looking to upskill and stand out in the 21st-century professional world?

The Caltech Future Skills Academy offers 18 four-hour courses for learners to acquire introductory literacy and skills in new technologies and contemporary management thinking about talent and strategy.

Whether it's strategy and innovation, AI and machine learning or analytics and cloud computing - these courses are ideal for any general business professional! With a perfect blend of insights from expert instructors at Caltech’s Center for Technology and Management Education (ctme.caltech.edu), these courses can benefit general business professionals in functions such as finance, HR, legal, or operations. With continuing education credit also available, this is an unbeatable opportunity to grow your understanding of global technology trends.

Take advantage of this unique program now with the knowledge you’ll be earning a certificate from Caltech if you complete ten courses, enabling successful individuals that are highly sought after by employers across industries. Learn at your own pace with this self-paced course anytime you like! Become a forward-thinking leader in today's ever-changing corporate environment with this cutting-edge portfolio of short course options available at your fingertips.

Sign up now for the Caltech Future Skills Academy program and kickstart your journey toward becoming a 21st-century professional!